Wednesday, February 2, 2011

~ New Designs ~

I've been creating some of the designs that sketched in December.  Considering how COLD it is, having something to do inside is a very good thing.  :D
This necklace is for the fun, free spirited woman who embraces color.

Find it here: { Peaces of Indigo Jewelry }

These earrings are long and lovely! Gorgeous citrine gemstones hang from textured and oxidized sterling chain.  My recycled silver medallions dangle from the opposite end of the chain and create balance.
Find them here: { Peaces of Indigo Jewelry }

This is a custom necklace that I'm creating.  The cross is 2 inches tall, the beads are moonstone, labradorite, and peacock pearls.  Finished photos coming up!
Happy Wednesday.