Tuesday, March 1, 2011

~ Inspiration ~

These are some of my latest inspirations.  I draw designs from a color palette in a fabric swatch, the complimentary colors of a flower growing in a patch of glass or the beautiful subdued coloring of an antique dish.  These are a few of my favorite things that inspired current designs that I'm working on~

This chair is spectacular!  If I could figure out where I could put it, I would be saving every extra penny to have this feminine beauty from Wisteria.  I love the soft linen with the 'new' look of the caning and the vintage look and finish of the frame.  The perfect mix of old and new.
I wanted to design pieces of everyday jewelry which have the same soft and lovely 'feel' as this chair.  From this, a bracelet and earrings made of smoky quartz, garnet, pearls and silver were inspired.
Photos coming soon~

This fabric just makes me giddy.  I love everything about it!  The aged look, the colors that are used and the way that it just 'looks' comfortable.  It's pretty and carefree.  

I see this and think aquamarines, bronze, creamy glass, citrine and dark wood.
Pictures to come of the creations inspired by this print.

Here's my newest design, just in time for spring wedding fever.  A magical Herkimer diamond custom set in recycled silver. Eternal Love is handwritten on the inside of the band.  Unique and eco friendly.
View it here.  See all my work here.
Happy Tuesday!