Monday, October 24, 2011

~ Handmade Holiday Gifts~

Christmas tree ornament by FirstLightPhoto
I love, love, love this sweet little photograph ornament. It's such a timeless style, and just perfect for my rustic red and green Christmas tree. 
Devoted to Peace perfume by IlluminatedPerfume
Santa, THIS is what I want you to bring me. Completely natural and created with love, this fragrance 'is warm with a strong presence of vanilla, champa flower at the heart topped citrus and spice in the tops notes.' I could not imagine a more beautifully descriptive sentence.
Red Baby Ninfea vegan bag by ninu
Made to order in Italy, this bag would dress up absolutely anything. Crafted of vinyl, it's perfect for the vegan on your list. And the fashionista. Pretty much anyone. You can find these lovely gifts by clicking on the captions under the photos, browsing my favorites on etsy and in my pinterest holiday guide.
Happy Monday, sweet friends!