Wednesday, November 16, 2011

~ Handmade Holiday Gifts~

Alice in Wonderland corkboard by uncorked
This is MY wishlist for this year. Pieces that I've been admiring from people that are simply fabulous. This corkboard is made using sustainable cork, and jazzed up with the cutest metal lids. Uncorked is a beautiful world created by Cat Ivins.
Leather scrunch boots by spirocreations
Boho. Original. Perfect with my favorite jeans. I adore these boots, and the fact that they are handmade with love completes the package of perfection. SpiroCreations is a husband and wife team based in New Zealand and their leather goods are completely amazing.
Moissanite and rose gold ring by onegarnetgirl
Drool. Rose gold and a captured star, also known as Moissanite, combined to create one knock out ring. (It's not really a star, but it sure looks like one.) OneGarnetGirl creates magic with recycled metals and insanely amazing gemstones. She also happens to be one of the sweetest women I've ever met. This ring will be as fabulous in 100 years as it is now, and that is money well spent. (attention, hubby)
Cockroach coffee mug by catherinereece
Cockroaches = cute. Bet you never saw that coming. It IS cute! CatherineReece has created a whimsical little mug that makes me smile every time I see it. And maybe helped to 'soften' the icky image of the world's most vilified bug.
Plaid handbag by goodmarvin
Plaid and houndstooth combine to create a sweet handbag. The bits of lace completes this fun piece.  GoodMarvin combines recycled fabrics and handmade love and the results are fun and sassy.
You can see all of these pieces, and more handmade gift ideas on my Pinterest board.
Happy Wednesday, sweet friends!