Friday, December 30, 2011

~ My morning ~

Sunrise over my studio
I have never been a morning person. EVER. Just ask my Mom.... Then I became a business owner. Suddenly, that 5:40a.m. alarm is my friend. I love seeing the sun rise every morning, talking with my husband before he leaves for work, the quiet time until I wake my sons up, and then the craziness of having three boys around. It's magical.
Awesomeness! :)
 These are my slippers. Possibly the only pink thing that I own. But I LOVE them, and they are the first step of my morning ritual when it's cold outside.
My coffee shop
Coffee. Without it, I am lost. Organic, fair trade, freshly roasted beans make my heart pitter-patter. Literally. This is where my day starts and the first glimpse that I get of the sunrise is here, through my kitchen window. My favorite coffee is Ethiopian Hararr from Just Love Coffee. You can try it and support my sister and brother in law's adoption, an amazing company AND an Ethiopian orphanage for the price of one bag. They roast the beans after you order and mail it to you the next day. How could you NOT have an amazing day after starting it with fresh coffee and blessing others?!

Now it's time for me to take the short walk to my studio. Happy Friday, sweet friends! 

Friday, December 2, 2011

~ Be the Change ~

Be the Change key ring by peacesofindigo

Yesterday was Aids Awareness Day. It was also one of the craziest days that I've had in a while. Places to be, things to do, deadlines to meet. But my mind was racing with ideas on how to make a difference. How do you attack an obstacle as big as Aids? And hunger? And.... The list goes on.
Be the Change key ring by peacesofindigo
The night before, I dreamed of my niece, who is in an orphanage in Ethiopia. She's waiting for a court date to be set up so my sister and brother in law can travel to a far away, Aids ravaged land and fulfill the dream that they've had in their hearts for years. To give a child that has no one, a loving and happy forever home. But there are SO many. So how do WE help? What can we do? In the last few months the words by Rumi ~ Let the beauty we love be what we do ~ has been a constant echo in my mind. So this is my commitment to DO something. To make the world a more beautiful place. A happier place.
Be the Change key ring by peacesofindigo
Several years ago, the dream for Peaces of Indigo started in my heart. I wanted to create art that was a piece of me, a treasure that would bring happiness and love into the lives of others. I wanted to make a difference in their lives, and I longed to be able to help causes that touched me. Africa has been that cause for decades. I'm drawn there. I don't know why, but I am. The name, Peaces of Indigo, was formed from my desire to help bring free, clean water to Africa. And peace in the process. Peace of mind, inner peace through a change of life. Having clean water means the chance to LIVE. To be healthy. To play and go to school instead of carrying water for hours a day. Something that we take for granted is so precious to those who don't have it. Something that we CAN do to make a difference.
We can do it together!
So here's my idea. I'm asking you to partner with me, to visit Blood:Water Mission and read about how a bag of concrete can change lives. Yes, $25 for concrete. So basic, so simple, so easy for us to do. Money so well spent. You're changing a person's life with that $25. Maybe even changing an entire village's life. I know that money is tight. And because I know that the hearts of my friends, family and the amazing people that I've come to know through Peaces of Indigo are generous, I have a gift for each one of you that partners with me in this journey. Purchase this handmade key ring from my etsy ship, and I'll gift the ENTIRE PURCHASE AMOUNT of $25 to Blood:Water Mission for a bag of concrete, and I'm gifting YOU one of my handmade bronze keychains. Made with love, a forever reminder of the amazing gift that you shared with a complete stranger. The true spirit of Christmas.
So here's what I'm asking~
Read about the project here:
* Blood:Water Mission
* Choose one of these keychain designs for $25, knowing that the entire $25 purchase price is going to Blood:Water Mission. Yay!!!
* Post about how fabulous you feel after donating a bag of concrete on my Peaces of Indigo facebook page.
* Tell your friends and family! Help spread the word about this amazing cause.
* I'll gift wrap and mail your handmade gift of gratitude.
Clean Water!
 My heart thanks you.