Friday, December 2, 2011

~ Be the Change ~

Be the Change key ring by peacesofindigo

Yesterday was Aids Awareness Day. It was also one of the craziest days that I've had in a while. Places to be, things to do, deadlines to meet. But my mind was racing with ideas on how to make a difference. How do you attack an obstacle as big as Aids? And hunger? And.... The list goes on.
Be the Change key ring by peacesofindigo
The night before, I dreamed of my niece, who is in an orphanage in Ethiopia. She's waiting for a court date to be set up so my sister and brother in law can travel to a far away, Aids ravaged land and fulfill the dream that they've had in their hearts for years. To give a child that has no one, a loving and happy forever home. But there are SO many. So how do WE help? What can we do? In the last few months the words by Rumi ~ Let the beauty we love be what we do ~ has been a constant echo in my mind. So this is my commitment to DO something. To make the world a more beautiful place. A happier place.
Be the Change key ring by peacesofindigo
Several years ago, the dream for Peaces of Indigo started in my heart. I wanted to create art that was a piece of me, a treasure that would bring happiness and love into the lives of others. I wanted to make a difference in their lives, and I longed to be able to help causes that touched me. Africa has been that cause for decades. I'm drawn there. I don't know why, but I am. The name, Peaces of Indigo, was formed from my desire to help bring free, clean water to Africa. And peace in the process. Peace of mind, inner peace through a change of life. Having clean water means the chance to LIVE. To be healthy. To play and go to school instead of carrying water for hours a day. Something that we take for granted is so precious to those who don't have it. Something that we CAN do to make a difference.
We can do it together!
So here's my idea. I'm asking you to partner with me, to visit Blood:Water Mission and read about how a bag of concrete can change lives. Yes, $25 for concrete. So basic, so simple, so easy for us to do. Money so well spent. You're changing a person's life with that $25. Maybe even changing an entire village's life. I know that money is tight. And because I know that the hearts of my friends, family and the amazing people that I've come to know through Peaces of Indigo are generous, I have a gift for each one of you that partners with me in this journey. Purchase this handmade key ring from my etsy ship, and I'll gift the ENTIRE PURCHASE AMOUNT of $25 to Blood:Water Mission for a bag of concrete, and I'm gifting YOU one of my handmade bronze keychains. Made with love, a forever reminder of the amazing gift that you shared with a complete stranger. The true spirit of Christmas.
So here's what I'm asking~
Read about the project here:
* Blood:Water Mission
* Choose one of these keychain designs for $25, knowing that the entire $25 purchase price is going to Blood:Water Mission. Yay!!!
* Post about how fabulous you feel after donating a bag of concrete on my Peaces of Indigo facebook page.
* Tell your friends and family! Help spread the word about this amazing cause.
* I'll gift wrap and mail your handmade gift of gratitude.
Clean Water!
 My heart thanks you.