Friday, December 30, 2011

~ My morning ~

Sunrise over my studio
I have never been a morning person. EVER. Just ask my Mom.... Then I became a business owner. Suddenly, that 5:40a.m. alarm is my friend. I love seeing the sun rise every morning, talking with my husband before he leaves for work, the quiet time until I wake my sons up, and then the craziness of having three boys around. It's magical.
Awesomeness! :)
 These are my slippers. Possibly the only pink thing that I own. But I LOVE them, and they are the first step of my morning ritual when it's cold outside.
My coffee shop
Coffee. Without it, I am lost. Organic, fair trade, freshly roasted beans make my heart pitter-patter. Literally. This is where my day starts and the first glimpse that I get of the sunrise is here, through my kitchen window. My favorite coffee is Ethiopian Hararr from Just Love Coffee. You can try it and support my sister and brother in law's adoption, an amazing company AND an Ethiopian orphanage for the price of one bag. They roast the beans after you order and mail it to you the next day. How could you NOT have an amazing day after starting it with fresh coffee and blessing others?!

Now it's time for me to take the short walk to my studio. Happy Friday, sweet friends!