Saturday, February 18, 2012

~ A Few of My Favorite Things ~

screenprinted grey sweatshirt by sealmaiden on etsy
I. Love. This. Shirt. I actually have four Sealmaiden shirts and they are equally fabulous. If you have one of my jewelry pieces from the last two months, it's very likely that I made it wearing one of these four shirts. I like them THAT much.
autumn leaf lip shimmer by orangethyme on etsy
I bought the set of five lip shimmers from orangethyme and this color is my absolute favorite. It's warm, natural looking and is priced under $5. And the label is so darn cute!
aspen detailed mug from blueskypotteryco on etsy
I have a version of this mug by blueskypotteryco in blue and yellow and I start every morning with it. The details are gorgeous and I love that you can feel them when you run your hand over the mug. Hey, I never said I wasn't odd. :)

Happy Saturday, sweet friends!