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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

~ New Designs ~

bronze pocket token by peacesofindigo on etsy
bronze pocket token by peacesofindigo on etsy
recycled sterling silver pocket token by peacesofindigo on etsy
A gift created for my husband and sons, now available in my shop. The thought behind this piece: As eternal as the Moon and the Big Dipper, my love for you is forever. 

Available in silver and bronze.

Happy Wednesday, sweet friends! 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

~ The Cabin ~

We've closed!!!! A look at our finished home away from
home. The front of our cabin at twilight.
View from the living room looking into the dining room.
(I use these terms loosely since the cabin is just over 1,000 sq ft)
I love the massive fireplace rocked with local stone.
Standing in the living room looking into the loft.
Built in bunks along the back wall on the top left.
Storage closet on the top far right, our bedroom is just
out of the photo at the base of the stairs.
Kitchen with open shelving peeking around the corner.
The fridge goes behind that white wall and all of the
mechanical, etc is hidden under the stairs.
Our dining room. My blue-grey stain color choice
turned out better than I even imagined.
I'm SO glad that I had the professionals do the floors
instead of trying to do it myself.
The kitchen. Open shelving, sliding door to cover
w/d or fridge, depending on which we are using at
the time. Commercial sink. I'm oiling the wood countertops
to protect them. This is a before oil shot.
Our bedroom. Sliding door to the bathroom
and another where I'm standing that closes our
room off to the living room. 
Downstairs bath. Custom sink stand, claw foot
tub. Pretty much my dream bathroom.
Upstairs loft. Built in bunks, each with their own
caged light. Boys bath with sliding door.
Lights on. A peek at the rebar and barn wood railing.
Blue grey pine floors. Native stone fireplace, super
sized and with an organic hearth. Perfect for sitting
on the floor in front of a fire.
Rebar and barn wood railing
Built in bunks, waiting for their headboard dividers 
Loft space and storage closet
Cabin kitchen 
Stacking washer and dryer fits
behind this sliding door
Antler chandelier, beams, huge fireplace
Living room at night.

We are SO thrilled with every single facet of the cabin. It's beautiful, even more so than we imagined.  The blue grey floors changed the entire feel of the cabin. It's simple and perfect for spending family time in. At 1,000 square feet, only the basics will fit but that's just what we wanted. The sliding doors help to keep every square inch usable.  

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

~ Words ~

I love this
Happy Wednesday, sweet friends! 

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

~ The Cabin ~

light for the boys bathroom upstairs
I have had a blast choosing lighting for the cabin. I knew from the start that I wanted a mix of vintage and industrial styles. Something totally different than anything we've had before. These are a few of the pieces that I settled on for various rooms. I'm thrilled with them all and can't wait to see how they look in place, once the tongue and groove ceiling goes in this week.
lights going in over the three built in beds upstairs
The back wall in the loft, where we are having beds built in for the three boys will have one of these fabulous green lights over each. They'll light up the upstairs and give them good lighting so they can read in bed. Each light is on it's own switch.
the three green lights will go on the back wall
This is the light that I chose for above the clawfoot tub and for above the dining room table. I wanted simple and this is definitely that.
simple pendant light by lucentlampworks on etsy
Brad at Lucent Lampworks on Etsy made two of these beautiful lights for me, with slight changes. I have oiled bronze ceiling plates and sockets with the turn knob (because I just love the way that it looks) and black twisted cord. They are even better than I imagined.
simple sconce by potterybarn
These very simple sconces are the first pieces that I picked out. We have one lighting up the stairs, one over the kitchen sink and one on either side of my bathroom mirror. The bulbs are very cool.
kitchen lighting
Three of these will finish up the lighting for the kitchen. The huge beam near the range blocks a lot of light, so we added two extra fixtures on that side. They will light up the open shelving on either side of the range and massive hood that Craig chose, and will really illuminate the cooking area.
gorgeous beam in the kitchen, the range will be
centered on the drywall wall
We finished up the painting last weekend, thank goodness. There's a little cutting in left, but it can wait. The wood ceilings and the rest of the plumbing and the AC ducting should be going in this week. We are hoping to start staining the floors on Saturday. Fingers crossed...
Happy Thursday, sweet friends! 

Monday, September 9, 2013

~ Words ~

Steve Jobs quote
Happy Monday, sweet friends! 

Friday, September 6, 2013

~ The Cabin ~

the drywall mudded, painted and beautiful.
now, time to stain those stairs!
Craig hard at work painting. I can't wait
to see that tongue and groove ceiling go in!
the kitchen is ready for everything to go in
a corner that will be filled with open shelving, the washer dryer
spot and fridge spot. the hot water heater will go under the stairs.
the tile that we chose for the bathrooms. inexpensive simple
porcelain tile that looks like slate. 
the view out the boys' loft upstairs.
We're in the final stretch and things are really coming together. There are SO many details to finish by the end of the month. I still can't believe that we are building a cabin. It's like a dream that I haven't woken up from yet. Remind me of that when I have a paintbrush in my hands for the entire weekend, ok? 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

~ Words ~

a path through the woods
Since the Beloved is involved in everything, it has to be this way: the skinned knee is better off for having ached.

And a face that has known a tear's movement, it may not show right away any signs of change, but a magnificent inner canyon is being formed from the currents of sacred elements touching- shaping us.

When will tenderness reign? When will love govern? There is a court you rule that affects any you near, so you tell me.

Something became apparent a while back: Listening to others deeply is vital to human development.

The heart cannot deny the law of action and reaction. It will give in proportion to what it has cherished.