Friday, July 12, 2013

~ The Cabin ~

my new claw foot tub
I KNEW that a claw foot tub had to be a part of our new log cabin. Finding one that wasn't a small fortune was quite a feat. I decided on an acrylic version for several reasons. Weight and not ever having to deal with rust were the major ones. I found this double slipper claw foot tub AND the faucet on for under $1,000. The floor faucet alone would run half of that, so I purchased immediately when I found this amazing deal! I've run another Amazon search here for double slipper tubs, if anyone else is dreaming about having one... Someone please buy one of the copper beauties! (and no, I won't receive anything if you end up snatching one up. I have no idea how that even works.)

Our bathroom is tiny. Two walls are full log, one borders the kitchen and the other has the door that leads to our bedroom. The two regular walls are needed to hide electrical, plumbing, air vents, etc. This tub, a pedestal sink and a toilet will fill up the entire space. We're having open shelving covering one part of the kitchen wall, for storage. I'm still deciding on flooring for the bathroom. I know that I want tile. Maybe one of these.
gray porcelain tile
grey mosaic tile
natural stone mosaic tile

Decisions, decisions....
Happy Friday, sweet friends!