Wednesday, July 24, 2013

~ The Cabin ~

a little karate kid action. these boys are troopers! 
The floors are in upstairs! My hubby and the boys sanded and sanded and sanded. We had so much fun, just knowing that we were a part of the building process and working on something that was going to be ours! My hubby worked until he had blisters on his knees. Honest to goodness, blisters. He's a champ!
talk about sweat equity!
It was hard work but a lot of fun watching the wood transform into something beautiful.
pulling together the bathroom
We've been picking out light fixture placement and fixtures and faucets and... It. is. hard. to pull all of this stuff together. We didn't want matching anything, more of a pulled together over the years feeling. I finally had to print off tiny pictures of the chosen elements, just to make sure that it all worked cohesively together. I'm still not sold on the mirror, but that is easily changed. My pinterest board has really helped me to zero in on (and stay with) the 'look' that I want for the cabin.  We're having a blast!