Wednesday, July 24, 2013

~ The Cabin ~

our cabin inspiration
This is the feel that we are hoping to achieve with our cabin. Simple, beautiful. I've wanted this style of dining chair from the beginning, but the ones that I found were expensive. Hundreds of dollars expensive. Not happening. After working in the studio on Monday, I (for some bizarre reason) decided to clean out this large copper tub that has old magazines in it. I came across a plastic wrapped Spring catalog from Restoration Hardware that came months ago and decided to take a look. Who doesn't love beautiful pictures? I found these dining chairs in the catalog and went to their website to see if they were still available.
all three styles are on clearance!
They are. And they are ON SALE. $29 a piece and free shipping. What?!?! I ordered five of the Hagen style, since there are five of us
bent plywood hagen chair on sale for $29
and then today went back for three of the Forma style, to bring out when we have company.
bent plywood forma chair on sale for $29
They are small enough to stack in the storage closet upstairs when we aren't using them. Someone please buy the indigo version, since it wasn't available for delivery to my area! They are also available in barstool height and in a painted version, if you want something shinier.