Friday, June 6, 2014

Big News

My new studio/shop space!
the huge new studio
My new shop space! This is where I'll meet with clients.
The front half of my shop space. All of my new work
will be displayed here. 
Another view of the front shop space, looking into
my studio.
The view from the front door. Studio on the right,
shop on the left. Mail room and extra room
for my boys to hang out in the back. 
Shipping/packing of orders happens here now
Peaces of Indigo has a new home!! I started looking for a place to move my studio and stumbled upon this gem of a retail space just down the road from my home. The layout, floors, and location couldn't be more perfect for me. After a few days of discussions and negotiations, it is mine! I've added the lights and had the walls painted a beautiful white. I'm not sure why, but white walls just feel clean and fresh and calming to me. This shade of Hoover paint is called Diamond mine and is the same one that we used in our cabin and for my studio at home. It's (obviously) my favorite color of paint.

Moving my studio has been a slow process.  There are my tools/inventory/the million other things that I work with every day. Everything has to come over a little at a time. It's getting there and I finally have nearly everything that I need to create lovelies. The walls are very bare. A total blank slate. Already I've found my time to be more productive here. I think it's due in large part to the fact that everything is spread out and I don't feel clutter-surrounded. My brain can't focus when there are messes all around me. That work table along the right side of my studio space is 13 FEET LONG. I have SO much room to create and play in! Room to grow into!

The showroom/shop space is my heart's treasure. I didn't even imagine that I would have this. The size is so perfect, tiny enough to allow me to choose special pieces of furniture, but large enough for a few people to browse my new pieces and get one on one attention. All of the pieces in my showroom will be ready to take home that day. No waiting, instant gratification! And I'll be able to meet with local clients who want to try on wedding bands and talk engagement rings. Amazing. (Someone pinch me!) I'll have a big open house once it's pulled together. 

Every time I walk through the door, I just stand in awe and breathe it in. It still doesn't seem real. I don't have adequate words to express how thankful I am for this opportunity. I've dreamed of expanding into my local community and growing my brand offline. This wouldn't be possible without my amazing online customers. YOU made this possible for me and I am 100% cognizant of that. My heart is full. Thank you!!!