Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Cabin

My new Barbour Chase Wellington boots.
Happy birthday to me!
Braden in the kitchen 
A view of the living room/dining room from the front door. I
love our massive Tennessee flagstone fireplace. 
Silly boys in the kitchen. This is what happens when I
ask them to pose..... Ethan's birthday.
My favorite season is here. Autumn. The leaves are changing into all sorts of flaming hues. We celebrated two birthdays recently: mine and our middle son's. He turned 16. I turned a few more years older than that. :) We spent the day exploring the backroads near the cabin, hiking, rocking in a rocking chair, and drinking coffee, not necessarily in that order. It was glorious. Fashion is not something that I care about. I need jeans, tanks, tshirts, a pair of boots, and/or moccasins to be happy. Throw in a few sweaters and a few pieces of my jewelry, and I am thrilled beyond measure. Last year, I worn a pair of Toms Nepal boots every single day from October until summer hit. Hiking in the woods, mud, gravel roads, rain, they took a beating and still look decent. The key? Don't try to clean them until all of the gunk dries. Then, you can just brush pretty much anything off of them.
My Barbour Chase Wellingtons. 
This year, I decided that I wanted a pair of rubber boots and Barbour Chase Wellingtons are just plain sexy. (they are! for rubber boots...) The quilted texture adds something cool and they are actually quite comfortable. They were the perfect birthday gift and they'll be my cabin and town footwear for the upcoming months. I've already received strange looks for wearing them in nearly 80 degree weather in town, but you know what? I love them and that is that. :)
Hemlock foliage. Don't you just want to touch it?!
We had a mini forest of hemlocks planted in the wooded area in front of the cabin, to fill in some of the open space. I saw my first Eastern hemlock about a year ago and fell head over heels in love with the texture, color and wild shape of the tree. We needed some sort of evergreen to fill in the sparse areas near the cabin and I couldn't imagine any other trees in the space. A local tree farm, that we happened across when driving to get firewood for this winter, had absolutely lovely trees. When he offered to plant them, too, I jumped at the chance to have a handful of them added around our cabin. They are magnificent and make it look like a winter wonderland in front of our cabin. Something about evergreens just says 'cabin', 'winter' and 'christmas'. I adore them.
The area in front of our cabin, pre-hemlocks
Mr. Meeks, tree extraordinaire. He took maybe 10 minutes
of breaks in a 4 hour tree planting stint. The absolute
hardest worker, and one of the
nicest men I have ever talked to.
Hemlocks going in and the leaves starting to change 
My new hemlock forest. Love!

Happy Tuesday, sweet friends! 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Cabin

my claw foot tub . log cabin bathroom
design . artwork by Clare Elsaesser
Tillary sofa by West Elm . throw and suede
pillow by Restoration Hardware 
Crushed limestone around the log cabin . We enclosed the area
under the porch with cedar pickets . the log rockers
by Lakeland Mills are fantastic
Autumn is my favorite time of year. To quote L.M. Montgomery, " I'm so glad to live in a world where there are Octobers. "  The crunch of leaves under foot while walking through the woods makes my heart sigh with contentment. Curling up on the sofa with a cup of french pressed coffee, rocking on the front porch and listening to the sounds of nature, whittling sticks with my boys. Small moments of simplicity do recharge the soul.

Happy October, sweet friends! 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Cabin

Moving dirt to change the drainage around the cabin.
Leveling out the ground in front of the cabin.
Ethan and Craig working hard
Gibson can sweep like a pro! :)
In March, we called in the pros to move dirt in the driveway and around the cabin. We needed to change the water flow when it rains, since it was running against the foundation and straight under the porch. You can't appreciate grass and concrete until you've stepped out of your car and had your foot sink up to your ankle (or higher!) in mud. Multiply that to 10 feet and you have an insane woman (me) trying to keep the floors clean. One of the many reasons that we take our shoes off at the door. It was a ton of work but so worth it.

Our room consists of a bed and a side chair in
the corner, for catching keys, etc. The rolling
doors were the best idea I had for the cabin. Such
a space saver!
Our 'closet' and the door that closes our room off
from the living room.  The Hemingway quote that I
go to sleep to and wake up to every morning. 
Our room. Simply perfect.
When you are furnishing 1050 square feet for 5 people, you only have room for the basics. Clutter is my arch nemesis, followed closely by dusting. Our bedroom consists of: a bed. The Oh My Deer Hemingway quote is one of my favorites, the fact that it's hand painted is just perfect.

'We ate well and cheaply and drank well and cheaply and slept warm and well together and loved each other. '

I love waking up to it every morning. You can find it here. I wanted greys and browns and white for the entire cabin, to echo Scandinavian design. It's so peaceful and relaxing, everything just blends into the background and 'belongs'. I wanted things that were made by hand, with love, to fill our space. The door hardware is from NW Artisan Hardware. They are fantastic to work with and made quality pieces.  The quilt is by Restoration Hardware and was a splurge, but it is hand quilted and was perfect.

Happy Wednesday, sweet friends!!