Friday, December 26, 2014

The Cabin

Opening gifts . NES video games are all the rage in our house, since the newer game systems are geared
towards adults games
Violet opening gifts . She is the cutest! :)
Corn free marshmallows ! I cannot even tell you how much I enjoyed having one of these cut up in my
hot cocoa . I found the mini size on Amazon and linked to it here
Spicy hot cocoa . Oh, good grief, you must try this ! The price on Amazon is much more than we
paid at a small local store on the mountain . Craig used 2 tbsp per mug and it was plenty
rich enough . Delicious 
Whisk milk to almost steaming and then add the cocoa powder
Can you see the bits of chili ? If you like a bit of spice, you will LOVE this Dagoba Xocolatl . 
A storm blowing in at the cabin . I LOVE the smoky effect of the clouds moving in
Urbanears headphones were the perfect gift for three music loving boys . Link to the Humlan version here .
Colored Urbanears Humlan headphones . Indigo, clover and moss . I love that you can hear background noise
AND your music 
Clouds moving in at the cabin 
We had a low key Christmas this year. We ran away to the cabin to bake, cook, play cribbage, and hike in the woods. It was such a great break with my guys after my busy studio schedule this month. Old school NES video games and headphones for my three music loving boys were perfect gifts. The colors of the headphones are great, as is the fact that the ear covers and headband can be pulled off and thrown in the washing machine when needed. We mostly just wanted to get away for lots of family time, especially since this is Braden's last Christmas at home before heading to college next fall.

I hope you had an equally restful and loving holiday. I am down with a cold or something, so forced to stay out of the studio for a few more days, as scheduled. It's funny how your body will force you to take a break if you won't do it voluntarily. The amazon links above are just for your convenience. I don't make anything off of your clicks or purchases. :)

Here's to a fantastic end to 2014, sweet friends!