Monday, July 6, 2015

My Favorite Things

sheath long sleeve wedding dress by Cathy Telle

I discovered Cathy Telle's gorgeous work while browsing wedding artists on Etsy. Her dresses celebrate femininity and have a gorgeous ethereal feel to them.
corset wedding gown with beautiful bodice details by Cathy Telle
This set of stacking wedding bands would pair beautifully with the gowns above.
set of 5 gold stacking bands by peacesofindigo
a-line wedding dress with gorgeous blue details by Cathy Telle
wedding dress with chocolate skirt and lace bodice by Cathy Telle
This ring is MADE for the dress above! :)
moissanite engagement ring by peacesofindigo
silk and lace wedding gown by Cathy Telle
open back lace wedding gown by Cathy Telle
I love that each of her gowns has a very distinct personality. When I'm designing new pieces, I imagine the person that will be drawn to the piece. When I came across these photos, I found myself matching wedding bands and engagement rings to each 'bride'.

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