Wednesday, October 26, 2016


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When you've been up for hours and the sun hasn't even begun to show its face. Your mind is going over the whys and whats and hows and trying to work out all of the details. It's not worrying. It's more logic-ing. You NEED to understand. You need answers. To all of the things. The best remedy or distraction or catalyst for working through this vortex of questions is a good snuggle with your pup under the stars- you didn't plan it. But if you're there, she wants to be there, too. Looking up at the vast unknown reminds you that understanding isn't necessary. All of this happens every damn day whether you notice or understand. Nothing is required of you- it just IS. Similar to the magic of puppy snuggles. WHY do they soothe an overactive mind so well? I have no idea, but this little girl has been the best therapy I've ever experienced. She makes me laugh and just warms my heart with her silliness and trusting nature and her constant need for body contact. And when I'm feeling be loss of my dad so intensely that I feel like I might crack in two, she's there with a gentle nudge and her eyes say 'hold me.' And the sadness slowly ebbs away with each heart beat and mindful deep breath. Because no matter what you are facing, the act of mindful, purposeful breathing helps.