Tuesday, June 28, 2011

~ New designs ~

I spent this weekend working two 10 hour days. { with a joyful heart }  Sometimes I have ideas just coursing through my veins and I've learned to just go with the ebb and flow and ride the wave of creativity.  It's a kind of bliss that leaves me refreshed and even more in love with what I do.

Fleet of Hope by Indigo Girls is definitely part of my recent creative streak.  The words just echo right to my soul and the first time that I heard it, I had to just stop and think about what I'd just heard.  The song speaks of when you find yourself and realize that the REAL you from childhood never changed, she's just hiding under layers of age, expectations and junk that need to be scraped away.  I feel more comfortable in my skin now than ever and a large part of that metamorphosis is the therapeutic action of putting my heart and soul into my jewelry designs.
'When I was a girl all of my fancy took flight, and I had this dream could outshine anything. Even the darkest night. Now I wait like a widow for someone to come back from sea. I've always known, I was waiting for me.'  So beautiful.  Here are a few of my new designs from this weekend.....

These recycled fine silver and sapphire earrings feature a quote from Rumi on the back and encourage you to live from your heart~

These ruby earrings are one of a kind and are ready for one lucky lady who is ready to declare her inner fire.

See these and other recycled silver and bronze artisan jewelry designs in my etsy shop: peaces of indigo
Happy Tuesday, sweet friends!